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Tuesday with Tara {take 90}

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have a set of thank you cards to share with you- this post is a bit heavy on photos, so I’ll keep the words to a minimum to even things out a bit 🙂

I found myself needing some new Thank you cards for my stash, but when I started on two cards it turned into four… so I decided to share them all with you!  I’ve used a variety of paints and stencils on tags to serve as a focal point for my cards. I squeezed a bit of lime and white paint onto a tag, then used an old gift card to scrape the paints across the tags. A little paint goes a long way, so I grabbed some more tags and kept going!

Here’s a few shots from my process- added collage papers, applied Distress Ink over a mask, then added gold paint through a stencil.


I finished off the background with brown Distress Ink applied through a honeycomb stencil.


While the tags were drying, I die cut some shapes from cardboard and painted them gold as well.  I finished them up with a mix of wire, jute, and embellishments…


One the tags were complete, I added them to blank cards which I had stamped thank you on. I love how they are all so similar and yet unique. I also love that some of them are already in the mail for much needed thank yous!


Hope you enjoyed my cards and maybe they’ll inspire you to stock your card stash…

Inky hugs,

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Tuesday with Tara {take 52}

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

Happy Tuesday!  Week 52 of my Tuesday blog posts means that it’s been a full year that I’ve been sharing with y’all!  So I figured I’d take a chance and share something completely different, since it’s what I felt inspired to create this past week 🙂  I went into my studio to create a card and ended up painting a big 16×20 inch canvas!  Not exactly what I started planning, but I had ideas for an empty spot on my mantle and a blank canvas, so I decided to go for it!

While this is completely different than what I normally create, the materials I used are not- I’ve used acrylic paints by Ranger (mostly Dina Wakely, with a few of my older Studio line paints in the mix), patterned paper, a stencil and some texture paste.  Here’s the finished product:

big sunflower (2)

I started with an idea and a blank canvas- looked up to see how other people had done similar flowers on pinterest and let it go from there… I started by sketching my basic shape with a pencil on the canvas.  Then I used gel medium to add some torn patterned paper (a simple music pattern) and applied texture paste through a stencil over that.  I also used a spatula to apply some additional texture paste on the petals for a bit of extra dimension.

big sunflower (6)

Once all that was dry, I started painting my basic flower shape.  Here’s the only progress photo I took- it shows the basic flower before I added the background and final details, it also gives a bit of a better look at the textured base I started with!

Here’s some different close up and other angels of my canvas.  It’s a sunny addition to my mantle, perfect for summer!

big sunflower (5)

big sunflower (4)

big sunflower (3)

big sunflower (1)

The dots were created using the end of my paintbrush.  I used a couple different sizes and amounts of paint to get the variety of sizes.  This was a fun project, a whole lot larger than I usually tackle but I really found it relaxing!  It’s a simple enough shape to draw free hand, and the pencil sketch at the start makes it very forgiving as well!  I’ve got another home decor project to share with you in an upcoming post, but I’ll be back next week with a card!

Have a creative week,

Inky hugs,


Tuesday with Tara {take 48}

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Happy Tuesday!  Today I’ve got a couple tags I created, doing a bit of experimenting to see which end result I liked best 🙂 Often I share just the end result, but the process is really the fun part, so I thought I’d show both and tell you a bit about what I did to get these results.

fly tag


I started with two kraft tags, which I had primed with white gesso.  I wanted to use the baby wipe technique for my background, so decided to tape them together temporarily (washi tape on the back side) to give myself a larger work surface. This is not a new technique, but I hadn’t done it for a while!  Here’s a brief video from a few years back of Dina Wakley showing this technique, if you’re not familiar with it.  I applied paint with my fingers in smaller spots and overlapped colors as I moved across the tags.  I kept it simple working with 3 colors and stencils, and for some reason the bees really popped out for me.  Here’s the finished background.

fly tag (7)

I got to visit the store in Granville Island last week and this sentiment stamp from Impression Obsession jumped out at me, so it inspired me to finish the tags with a focus on bees.  I first stamped the sentiment on each tag so that I wouldn’t smear texture paste by stamping later.  I wanted to draw attention to the yellow bee that was on the bottom of this tag, so lined up the stencil over it and applied transluscent texture paste, then some glitter flakes over it.  I repeated this closer to the sentiment on the tag.  Here’s how it came out.

fly tag (8)

fly tag (6)

fly tag (5)

fly tag (4)

For the second tag my eye was drawn to the large red heart, so I decided to add a large yellow bee.  In mixed paste before, I’ve found they tend to lighten to pastel shades, I wanted bright so brought out the big guns and added both paint and Color Burst to a little bit of opaque white paste.  It turned out amazing!  As before, I applied paste through the stencil and added a bit of glitter after (a smaller chunky glitter this time).

fly tag (1)

fly tag (2)

fly tag (3)

*** I’m having some technical difficulties with some of my images today, so please check back later and hopefully I’ll have the sizing fixed!***

Thanks for stopping by- I hope you’ve been inspired to take the leap and experiment with your supplies!  Who knows, maybe you’ll fly…

Inky hugs,