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Tuesday with Tara {take 261} moments

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

Happy Tuesday!

I’m excited to be sharing another card featuring a background I created during Dina Wakley’s “ Focus on Gloss Sprays” Live Facebook class last month. I have to say that if anything good has come from Covid 19 and all the social distancing, it’s how the art community has come together and made it so accessible for us to continue to learn new things and be inspired from our own homes!  (Of course we can also support small businesses like Scrap N Stamp by ordering new products thanks to all that inspiration!)

While I am don’t typically work with pastels, the gel print I’m using today really wowed me with the pastel effect I got, using vibrant gloss spray colors through a stencil over a base of elephant paint. I even remembered to reverse my stencil so the words came out the right way!

Since I loved this background so much, I decided to keep it simple once again. I stamped the large bloom from Dina’s Good Things stamp set diagonally and then again on a couple other gel print pieces for layering.

I added shading above the line with a scribble stick and blended it out with a bit of water mixed with Perfect Pearls for a touch of shimmer. While that dried, I colored the bloom with Scribble sticks as well.  I then stamped the sentiment from an older Dina set in the top portion of the card.

I wanted a bit more turquoise, so I used gloss spray to fill in the center of the flower and added some splatters (I just used the spray wand as my tool for both)!  Everything is mounted on a 5×7 kraft card base. Once everything was assembled, I added some Nuvo drops for a bit of extra shimmer and dimension.


Hopefully my card brings a smile to your face along with a gentle reminder not to take these moments (strange as they are) for granted!


inky hugs,


Tuesday with Tara {take 259} Spray It!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s challenge word is SPRAY and my card features a background I created with Dina Wakley’s Gloss Sprays, though I did not spray with them…

Dina had me out of my comfort zone with this one, spilling and pouring my sprays onto a watercolor paper background!  We created some pools of color that blended together in beautiful ways.  I chose to cut this one up to make a card, adding a few splatters of paint.  I had a very large, dark pool on this piece and decided it was a good spot for a focal element to be added.  I had this card all ready with one of Dina’s chipboard shapes painted and set aside to dry and decided at the last minute to instead hand cut a simple heart from the corrugated cardboard I had sprayed that shape on (gotta love overspray!).  Sometimes simple is best!

I love how the gloss sprays pooled in the grooves and you can see the sheen from them that is usually really hard to capture in a photograph!  The turquoise and lemon really tie everything together with the washi tape I used.

It’s some simple fun with sprays!  Pouring them definitely give a completely different look than spraying them does, but you really have to let go of expectations and let them do their thing 🙂  Give it a try… I can’t wait to see what you create with SPRAY today!

Inky hugs,


Tuesday with Tara {take 258} Happy Tweet

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Happy Tuesday!

I set aside some ME time over this past weekend and took the facebook live class Dina Wakley was teaching using her Gloss Sprays.  I made a hot mess and had a blast… many of the backgrounds will be cut up for other projects since they don’t really have that ‘stand alone’ quality, but I learned a lot and had fun.  I can’t wait to get more colors and play some more!  I took a few of the pieces I created and turned them into a card to share with you for today’s TWEET theme.  Enjoy!

The main background features a resist technique we did with gesso.  I used colors from the first bundle for this project, I only have 6 of them so far but the other 6 are on their way.  I am already looking forward to purchasing the new release and getting 8 more colors!  The deepest color you see here is Night– it’s a lovely deep, almost indigo blue and it really helped to ground the other colors I was working with.  For this, I applied gesso to watercolor paper very thin, then thicker through a stencil.

The scribbly bird and sentiment (from Picket Fence) were both stamped on backgrounds I created using a gel plate.  It was my first time working with the gel plate (though I’ve had it for quite a while) and I enjoyed seeing how paints & gloss sprays worked together on it.  I had several pieces that came out quite pale, like these, and I think they are perfect for stamping on!  I did add a tiny bit of color to the bird with a Scribble Stick, which gave it a bit of a watercolor wash.

I kept my card very simple since the individual pieces had so many interesting details.  I wasn’t able to capture the glossy finish of these sprays in my photos, but they really are fabulous and give so much texture!  I expect you’ll be seeing a whole lot more from me using them in the future…  Can’t wait to see what TWEET project you create today!

Inky hugs,