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Birthday Sweets!

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Happy Monday! Today’s Random Acts of Cardness prompt is SWEETS, and I chose a big stencilled birthday cake!

The Cake Maker stencil from Simon Hurley Create has all kinds of options for creating different styles of cakes, and as long as you keep a few things in mind, it’s fun and easy to use. The main thing to remember is MASKING! The stencil has a lot of different images quite close together, so masking all around the part of the stencil you’re using is important. And you know how I figured that out, lol. Making this particular cake, I also discovered using smaller blending brushes – such as the smaller Picket Fence brushes – helps to keep ink in control.
I started with the candles, using spun sugar and picked raspberry distress inks along with squeezed lemonade and carved pumpkin for the flames, then masked them so I could add the cake base in spun sugar. The stripes are picked raspberry. Next I added the cake stand in Colorbox silver and embossed it with Wow clear sparkle embossing powder. Finally, the white icing was added with Versamark and Wow detail white powder.
I wanted a fun font for the sentiment, so picked this pair from Concord & 9th’s Birdie Talk turnabout set, inked in Versamark + Memento rose bud, and embossed with the same sparkle embossing powder as the cake stand. I die cut my panel with a stitched die and found some bright pink cardstock in my stash for the card base. For the finishing touches, I added some sequins from my stash with Stickles in the centre, and some shimmer to the candle flames.

Phew! I think that took longer to describe than to make! I hope I’ve inspired you to make some paper sweets today!

Create Art With Resin

Monday, August 24th, 2020

Welcome to a new week! I’m really excited about today’s project that I have to share with you. It’s Deb here, with my word of  ‘resin’ for the Daily Challenge.  So today, I’m sharing how to create art with resin!


Most people think of resin as just a sealant. As in, create your artwork, and then pour the resin on top, to seal it.  Resin has come a long way from that! Of course it has excellent sealing properties, but today, we’re adding colour to our resin, and creating a scenic art piece.

The Ranger Clear Resin is super easy to use; it’s a simple 2 part system of resin plus hardener.  You combine half resin with half hardener – the mix must be an exact half-half ratio- and stir for 2 minutes. Then you’ve got about 30 minutes ‘working’ time before the resin starts to thicken and become unusable. Thirty minutes is plenty of time, don’t worry!

It’s important to remember that resin is toxic! Always work in a well ventilated area; have a window open, and/or a fan going. You also should always wear gloves to protect your hands. It’s also important to note that this resin is NOT FOOD SAFE, nor are alcohol inks. This means you should not use it on plates, cups, etc. that are to be eaten or served food from.


Being aware of the working time is important. Get your work space all set up & ready to go, before you mix your resin. For the beach scene we’re creating today, first use masking or painter’s tape to tape off the underside and edges of your Ranger Hard-Core Art Panel. This is to stop any dripping resin from accumulating on the sides & bottom of your panel. Next, put out 1 plastic cup for each colour, and one for mixing the clear resin.  For this piece, I mixed 1 oz. of each the resin & hardener, and mixed for 2 minutes. Next, pour some of the resin into each single cup. The amount of resin your put in each cup depends on how much of each colour you’ll need. The 4 colours we’re using are Ranger Latte, Glacier, Laguna and Snowcap.  We need less of the Latte & Snowcap, so put smaller amounts in each cup.  To colour the resin, simply add 4-6 drops of the ink into the cup with resin, and then mix.  The more ink you add, the darker the colour will be. Here’s how my set up looks, with my colours mixed, and ready to go!

Create Art With Resin

I decided that the Latte wasn’t dark enough, so I added 2 drops of Teakwood, and mixed that in. That’s the colour you see, above.  In front of the cups, you can see my Hard-Core Art Panel, with the tape on the sides.


First, start by pouring the Latte & Teakwood resin on an angle along the bottom of the panel. This is your ‘sand’ area. Use your stir stick to spread the resin from side to side. Next, pour the darker blue Glacier resin on an angle at the top of the panel. Again, use your stir stick to spread the resin. This is the darker part of the water, which is furthest away. Now, add the lighter blue Laguna resin mix in between.

Now you’re ready to add the waves! Lift some of the Snowcap resin mix with the stir stick, and drop it in a line between where the Latte/sand and the Laguna/water meet.  Now, use your heat tool or a blow dryer and direct the air on an angle, so that it pushes the ink into the resin, first away from you, and then towards you. This part is such fun! By blowing the ink & resin, it creates the cells and mixes the two, making it look like waves & foam.

Add more ‘lines’ of Snowcap resin mix into different areas of the water, creating more waves. I had ordered some tiny sea shells & starfish from Amazon to add to my piece, so now is the time to do that. Check for any air bubbles that may be trapped in the resin. You can get rid of air bubbles by holding your heat tool over them, or a butane torch, until they pop. A torch is much faster – it only takes a quick pass to pop the bubbles – but not everyone has one of these. Once you’re happy with the total look, you’re finished!

Create Art with Resin


I think the hardest part of creating art with resin is waiting for the resin to cure, or harden! You want to leave your art piece for 6-10 hours, or overnight, without touching it. If you touch it before this, you may cause indents or marks in the resin, which can’t be removed. After 6-10 hours, you should remove your masking tape. Doing it at this stage will be easiest, as any extra drips will still be a bit pliable, and easier to remove.  The resin takes a full 3 days to fully cure; meaning that you can handle it without any fear of leaving marks.


All of the work & waiting is worth it!  Stand back and admire your gorgeous artwork!

Create Art with Resin

Here’s a close up look at the cells and ‘foam’ created by the Snowcap ink.


I hope that today’s create art with resin project interested and inspired you! If  you’re like me, once you’ve tried it once, you’ll want to do it again.

All of the supplies you need to create your own resin beach scene are listed for you, below. Have fun creating, and be sure to share your project on the Scrap ‘N Stamp Daily Challenge page HERE! Remember to use my special DT Discount Code 10DEB at checkout, to receive 10% OFF regular priced items!

Adding Texture Adds Interest

Friday, July 10th, 2020

Happy Friday, my friend! It’s Deb here, from the Design Team. I hope that your week went well, and you’re looking forward to the weekend. Maybe you’ll have time for some creating? Today’s post might be of interest to you, if you will be crafting. Adding texture to your cards adds interest. And adding interest usually equals adding a “wow”! Let’s have a look, shall we?


One way of adding texture is to add texture paste. You can either add it randomly, if you’re going for an unstructured look. Or, you can use it with a stencil, for a more defined shape. I chose to use the Ranger Texture Paste with the Tim Holtz Bricked stencil. Since the stencil is of bricks, I knew I wanted to colour the texture paste so it wasn’t the white it is in the tub. Did you know that you can use Ranger Alcohol Inks to colour your texture paste? Yes – you can!

Adding Texture Adds Interest

I love using my Wendy Vecchi Make Art Stay-tion for this technique! First, scoop out about a tablespoon of texture paste onto your mat. Next, add 2-3 drops of alcohol ink to the paste. Use your palette knife to mix the alcohol ink into the paste. If you want a darker colour, add more ink. (I used Ranger Pebble alcohol ink). When you’ve got the colour you want, apply the paste through the stencil, with your palette knife.  The Make Art Stay-tion comes with 4 magnets, so it’s easy to hold your cardstock and the stencil in place. (for backup, I used a couple of pieces of Purple Tape on the cardstock side).

When you’re finished applying the texture paste, lift off the stencil, and set aside the cardstock piece. Now, be sure to wipe off your Stay-tion and the stencil with a damp towel or paper towels, before the paste hardens.  As long as you clean it right away, it wipes off immediately!


Another way to add texture is with embossing powder. First, stamp the ‘hello’ from the MFT Well, Hello stamp set in Versamark ink, onto white cardstock. Next, cover it with gold embossing powder, and then set with a heat tool. Now, use the coordinating Sweet Hello dies to die cut the sentiment.

The texture paste dries quite quickly, as long as you don’t apply it too thick. Set up this panel in your stamp platform, and line up the Impression Obsession Peek-aBoo Kitty with the side of the bricks.  Next, ink up the stamp, and then press firmly onto the panel.  I used the Gina K. Faded Brick ink for the kitty, and the Spectrum Noir Tri-Blend Bright Pink marker for the heart.

Adding Texture Adds Interest

Colour in the kitty with your choice of colours. Next, attach the die cut ‘hello’ with foam squares or tape. Add the card front to a panel of light blue cardstock with foam tape. Finally, add the card front to a light yellow card base.

Adding Texture Adds Interest

We’ve actually added texture 3 different ways to this card. First, with the texture paste; second with the heat embossing, and 3rd with the die cutting. So by adding texture, we’ve added a lot of interest to this card. Otherwise, it could have easily been a simple, one layer card.


Did you notice that my card today works for the Scrap ‘N Stamp Random Acts of Cardness Daily Challenge?! Yes, I planned it that way! I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how to add texture, and interest, to your project! Be sure to add your ‘texture’ project to the Scrap ‘N Stamp Facebook challenge page HERE, and use the hashtag #SNSCHALLENGE when adding it there, and when sharing on your other social media platforms.

Adding Texture Adds Interest

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