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Tuesday with Tara {take 197}

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Happy Tuesday!  As I was reminded of a project I shared here back in 2017, decorating Easter Eggs with alcohol ink, I thought it would be fun to use my paper crafting/ art supplies in another way on eggs.  This time I decided to start with simple plastic eggs, available almost anywhere this time of year and to do some simple decoupage on them.  I started with a matte gel (mine was by Prima, but this one from Ranger, or any ‘matte medium’ will work just as well!) as my adhesive to adhere torn strips of book paper to my eggs.

I worked in two steps, first covering about half the eggs, then finishing it off once the first part was dry.  This gave me a dry spot to hang onto while I worked and kept me from getting quite as much stuck to my fingers 😉  The eggs dried fairly quickly, though I let them sit overnight before moving on to the next phase…

I decided to experiment with different coloring mediums, but primarily wanted to see how Distress Oxide sprays (you can save on the new set of 12 sprays here) & ink pads would work!

I started by spraying some of the original Distress Stain Spray onto a couple eggs, then quickly realized I would need to start with a coat of gesso to make it work best, so I wiped off my eggs with a cotton cloth and applied white gesso to all my eggs, misting with water to make it less opaque so I could still see the text.  This was also a great time to apply a bit of gesso thicker to a few spots where words I didn’t want on my eggs had snuck in… )note to self, maybe don’t use a murder mystery as your collage paper next time. lol).  I didn’t snap a photo of this stage so you’ll have to use your imagination!  I applied the Abandoned Coral to two eggs, then sprayed one with Spiced Marmalade Distress Oxide Spray and the other with Picked Raspberry.  I rolled them around in a box to capture all the angles, heat them with a heat tool, misted some water to get it to oxidize… and eventually finished them off by blotting again with a cotton rag.  I love the soft chalkiness of the color and the fun mix I got where the original spray shows through!  As a bonus, my fingers were nice and inky (though I did wash my hands between colors to keep my colors more pure).

Next I decided to see how the Distress Oxide Ink pads would compare- so I used a foam blending tool and picked my colors.  For this, I just applied ink & blended, then misted with water, wiped dry and added another layer.  Both techniques worked fabulous!  This photo shows that the colors are just as intense, though the inking is more mottled and organic looking on the eggs that I sprayed.  Whatever you use, be sure to mist with water as this will help set the oxide ink and keep the color from spreading over the other eggs (and onto hands that pick them up to have a closer look!).

I had some collage tissue I wanted to try as well, so I did some simple decoupage of torn tissue onto my colored eggs.  I thought about adding more to these, but decided to leave them as is to let the design and color of the eggs show through!

The tissue technique was much faster since it only took one step, but the final look will depend what color your original plastic eggs are 🙂  here’s a peek at my little basket of eggs-

I hope this inspires you to pull out your supplies and have some mixed media fun for Easter!  The possibilities are endless…

Inky hugs,



Soar- Art Journal

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Hello and Happy Friday,

I am on the blog today with another mixed media art journal project.

As you can see from my last few post I am pretty stuck on this process right now.

I love the freedom that it allows to just shut your mind off and create, see where the inspiration takes you.

I hope you enjoy!

I started off my journal pages really not knowing what the heck I was going to do or where it was going to go.

I applied some gesso to both pages, once that was dry, I literally just slapped on some paint and moved it around with my hands, very preschool and so much fun. Something so grounding about getting your hands right into the paint and playing.   I started with lapis and then added some of the turquois blue, both are Dina Wakley brand, heavy body paint.

Once I had the paint applied I pulled out the Flying birds mask and stencil. I placed the mask on the paint and used a baby wipe to remove the paint from around the mask.  I did eventually use that baby wipe to smooth and remove a bit more of the paint and blend it together more.

I wasn’t too happy with the way the birds came out so I went with the stencil portion and used some white gesso just to bring out the birds a little more. As I finally had the birds standing out the way I liked.  (To be honest these pages were not done in one sitting, I left and came back a few times as I was initially not happy)

Once I came back to the pages, I decided I needed to add some more colour and texture. First I applied the lime green, again going in with my fingers and adding to the sides and middle of the pages. I repeated this with a bit of the umber color as well. It gives a nice distressed look. While that was drying a tad, I rummaged through my stencils, as well as some of my quote cards from a old project life kits I never did use. Eek . Good thing I discovered art journaling, maybe now those things will get used up. Lol

I went on to stencil some music notes as well as some stars on to the pages using umber and white gesso. I wanted to keep the look very earthy and tie in the quote and birds nicely.

I decided to cut the quote apart to separate it and draw the eye across both pages,  I attached it using ultra thick collage glue, also a Dina Wakley product.

I then added some of my two way glue pen to areas around the sentiments and added some gold foiling to it. Its very fine and hard to capture will try to get close ups for Instagram, it really added that little extra something

Finally I took my black Fude ball pen and drew some sketchy lines all the way around the pages, this just brought it all together in my book.

I really love how this tuned out, it has to be one of my favorite pages I have done thus far.

I hope you found some inspiration and I do apologize that its not one of my usual post, but its been nice to switch things up once and a while.

I would love to know what some of your favorite things to do are, are you a card maker, mixed media artist, do you dabble in a little bit of everything.

Please do leave me a comment and let me know

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Have a wonderful weekend.



Getting Messy with Mixed Media ( Art Journalling)

Monday, March 11th, 2019

Hello and Happy Monday,

I am back already with a new blog post forScrap’n Stamp Canada, but its not a card.. Whaaat…

That’s right I am sharing something different today, I am sharing my new found love of Art journalling and getting really messy.

I hope you enjoy.

So I happened to take a class a few weeks ago with the one and onlyDina Wakley.  She is amazing, funny, passionate and has the best way of encouraging you to just GO FOR IT.

 Since that Class I have been hooked on all things art journaling and mixed media. I mean I always loved and love playing with different mediums but this just sent me on down a big never ending rabbit whole of fun.

I have to admit I have been binge watching all the youtube videos I can on art journaling and mixed media techniques I can find.

I don’t know about you but as a card maker it has been a bit of a challenge to get out of my head and just “DO” and “Create” I sometimes find myself with that great old condition of paralysis by analysis, always needing a plan. But with art journaling its just about slapping something on the page and going from there.

  So here it is me just slapping some paint on to the page and having some fun.  I started in my Dylsuions and added Gesso to the pages . Once that was dry I  pulled out some random colours I felt drawn to.  I added  tangerine, elephant gray and Lemon Yellow, to the page with a pallet knife, just randomly going to town.  eek here you can see what one of the pages looks like a “hot mess” but that’s me trying to control the out come lol. So I let it be, and I have to be honest I came back and forth to this page over a few days to get it to where I really liked it.

I did go back and for with more paint added layers as they dried, even added more gesso.

I pulled out some stencils from my stash that I had not actually ever used. Love this type of art as I will be able to use up a lot of products just collecting dust! Who is like me and has a stash or two or three of things they haven’t touched in a long time or every even opened. Lol  Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

 Anyhow, I added some black acrylic paint to the stencil using a blending tool, as you can see with my lovely hands.  I just stenciled with no rhyme or reason, just adding in places I thought would look good.

 I cleaned off the stencil by pressing it on to the other pages of the book seeing if I could get some imprints on it. (I did but you will see in another post that it total gets covered up) Once the black was dry I pulled out a circle stencil from Tim holts and used some white gesso and stenciled it on.   Too be honest after this step I didn’t have a flying clue as to What I was going to do next..

So  I looked into my stash from the class I took and I had some stamped sentiments left so I layered it on to some green cardstock from her mixed media book (Its linked below)   I felt it needed so much more, so I pulled out these face tissues from Jane Davenport, and cut apart faces and collaged it on to the page. I really like how this turned out.

For the sentiment I went with what I was thinking, CREATE, DO, BE. This was a reminder to me to get out of my own way and just slap paint to paper and not worry. I used some leftover Sparkley alpha chipboard from my stash to create those words. I used Arleens thick tack glue for this as I needed something strong.

I know its not my usual how to step by step card blog but I do hope you find some inspiration to just CREATE.

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Have. Beautiful week a head.