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Tuesday with Tara {take 166}

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

September can be an overwhelming time for a lot of people… I recently shared a post on facebook and the feedback I got inspired me to use the encouragement for a page in my art journal.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, this page is for you.  It’s pretty simple paint and & scribble sticks by Dina Wakley and reminders from someone, somewhere who knows you can get through it.

You don’t have to solve all the problems today.

Be Gentle with yourself.  You are doing the best that you can.

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.

Sometimes our STOP  DOING list needs to be bigger than our TO DO list.

You don’t have to figure everything out at once.

You can do ANYTHING, but not everything.

Focus on progression, not perfection.

Keep Calm.  No one else knows what they are doing either!

Carry on.


Inky (& painty!) hugs,



Materials Used:

Dina Wakley Media Journal

Dina Wakley Paints in Ancient, Cheddar, TangerineFuchsia, Blackberry, Lapis, Night

Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks

Dina Wakley Stencil- swirls (and inspiration from ‘Giant Funky Silhouettes’ to draw my figure)

Tuesday with Tara {take 160}

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

Happy Tuesday!  Today is especially happy for me because I am currently on vacation… chilling at the beach (rain or shine!).  In anticipation of my trip, I played around in my art journal, working to transform some ‘clean up’ pages I had. These are pages I keep on the go to clean off my paint brush while I’m doing other projects with my Dina Wakley acrylic paints– it’s a pretty big mess and combination of colors and brush strokes, but a fun place to start!

I didn’t get an official ‘before’ photo, but this is step one, I painted on my beach tones (a mix of elephant, white and lemon) and then lifted some of the color by using a semi-dry baby wipe through a stencil (this is the Dina’s almost ikat stencil).  The photo shows some of the mess of colors in the bottom layer.  They are so fun as a base layer, though I typically would just do a solid color above.

I wanted to create a beach scene across my pages, so painted a blend of blues- starting with the deepest shade on the far right and working lighter towards the beach.  I used lapis, ocean, turquoise & sky and finished with some white.  Once I had my blend down, I once again lifted color through the same stencil. Once it was dry, I added some texture paste along the shore and a few waves throughout.  A few seashells I stamped and cut out finish it off… I think.  I’m not entirely sure it’s complete, but I love it as is so I’m letting it rest for now. Perhaps once I’ve spent a few days on the beach I’ll have more inspiration or a quote to add and finish it off for sure.  I’ll update you if it changes 🙂

All this is in the Dina Wakely Mixed Media Journal– the centerfold pages!  Hope you like it!  This is almost entirely Dina Wakley products, they’re so great to work with!

Inky hugs,



Tuesday with Tara {take 150}

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Happy Tuesday!

Today I’ve got another Art Journal page to share with you!  I’ve been trying to make use of my art journal when I have a new idea or technique I want to try or when I want to experiment with the way different mediums work together… and that’s how this page came about!  I stamped the large flowers with some Dina Wakley stamps (each petal is individual) and I was curious how Distress Oxide and Color Burst would play together… so I started by stamping these bold images into floral shapes with Abandoned Coral ink on the cotton watercolor paper in the Mixed Media Journal.  The square outlines are also from that same stamp set, inked with Cracked Pistachio.

Once my basic background design was set, I pulled out my Color Burst and a water brush.  I wet the area I was coloring with the brush first, then added some sprinkles of color and blended it out.  I deliberately tried to have variation in depth of colors… I love how it ended up with a sort of batik type feel!

This page in my journal falls behind a burlap page, and since I had some paint bleed through in a metallic color I decided to pull that into my design.  I started with a metallic gold tag and some die cut Paper Dolls… the sentiment seemed like a great fit since I’d used so many small pieces to make this page, and the background in particular!

From there I pieced together my collage in the lower corner of the page, adding some torn book paper across the page (covering up some not so pretty spots in some instances!) and a bit of outline with a black stablio pencil.  Finally, I did a bit of detailing on the green squares with my Gilt Paint.

I wasn’t sure where this would go when I started working on it, but I really love the funky, warm feel of the finished page!  I’m having a lot of fun with my Media Journal by Dina Wakley, it’s such a fun way to experiment with art journaling since there are so many great textures and types of pages in it.

Have a creative day!

Inky hugs,