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Tuesday with Tara {take 213}

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing an art journal spread I did while I was on vacation at the beach recently. I had packed a tote with my Dina Wakley paints & a few other supplies, along with my Media Journal, Scribble Sticks & some Collage Sayings, which ended up being a foundation for these pages.

Healing art journal spread featuring Dina Wakley Media

I was inspired by the many shades of blue when I looked at the ocean… it was stunning, so I chose to work almost completely with blues for these pages (I didn’t have ALL the Dina Wakley blues… but I’ve since ordered the ones I was missing! LOL.) You’ll see on these pages: Sky, Turquoise, Lapis & Night together with Elephant & Mineral). I also used some modeling paste I had packed (similar to this one by Ranger) Washi Tape & a Glue Stick. I neglected to pack gel/multi medium and white paint, so that challenged me a bit… but I managed to make it work.

When I started I just knew I wanted to work with blues… so I just started to randomly apply blue paint to a page, overlapping and blending colors as I went. I had some stencils with me, so thought I would lift color off the background with a baby wipe afterwards (I had a mixed blue background, painted over it with elephant, then placed the stencil on top while it was still slightly wet and lifted color through the stencil with a baby wipe). I selected some sayings from the collage tissue and decided I would work with those on my pages, so placed them (not glued them!) on the first phase of my background before continuing on. Here’s step one of the left page:

I decided to sketch out some rough circles for the facing page, filling them afterwards with different shades of blue. I then selected collage sentiments and sorted out a rough layout. I typically forget to snap progress photos when I work in my art journal (especially when it’s been so long since I’ve done it, as was the case this time!) but I wanted to remember where each piece fit, so a quick photo on my phone was a great reference tool 🙂

After filling in the circles, I painted around them with elephant to tie the pages together, then decided to add a circle to the left page to anchor the collage words I had chosen for that page. I added black outlines to my circles with a combination of Scribble Sticks and Stablio Water color pencil. I sketched my title ‘healing’ the same way, then went over it with a black alcohol marker to really make it pop. Details like washi tape and texture paste through the stencil were added to both pages.

I also decided to try my hand at sketching out a loose figure similar to the ones Dina draws. Because I had no white paint, I cut some book print in roughly the same shape and glued it down inside my figure, adding some shading with Scribble Sticks.

I finished with some ‘scribbly journaling’ which overlaps so it’s more of a design element than being actually legible.  I only had a chisel tip marker with me, so I’m not thrilled with my writing… as Dina says, “done is better than perfect” so I made it work. For me it was just a bit of therapy text about my journey of healing so far, since I was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. You can visit my personal blog to see a closer look at each individual page of this spread if you’d like!

Inky (& painty) hugs,


Rainbow Bliss Art Journal

Monday, May 27th, 2019

Hello and Happy Monday. I hope you all had a lovely weekend, filled with lots of crafty fun.

I am back on the blog with an art journaling layout. I have to admit it’s not exactly my favorite, there are parts I love and well, parts I wish I could redo. But I thought I would keep real with you all and share it anyway.

For this project I cracked open a new journal. I decided I would try out the black 8×8 Dylusions journal. I just wanted to do something a little different

I started out by covering both pages with a light layer of white gesso to prime the pages. As you can see there was more than just the white gesso on the page, you can see the streaks of gold (Glint- Dina Wakley paint). Before I started the actual layout, I used the page as a place to apply my excess paint from another project onto.

I really had no plan for this, it just kind of came together (sort of) lol. I pulled out all my paint and let loose. I really felt like doing a rainbow, so that is what I did. I just went to town applying the paint with my fingers, rubbing it into the page, trying to blend the colours together ever so slightly without losing each of them.

In between the layers of color, I would go in with a damp baby wipe and a Dylusions stencil to try and add a little texture, and slightly blend the colors together.

As you can see I did not get a great blend on the colours but I really like how vibrant everything stayed. If I could go back and rework this I totally would but I had to do this in stages in between caring for my twins, so needless to say things dried before I could get back to it. I decided to continue on and see what would come of the design.

I pulled out a few stencils from my stash, which I have linked to below, and my Tim Holtz blending tool with a clean sponge and got right in there. The first stencil I used was the Spring Medallion from TCW and some white gesso and added this to the corners, top, and bottom of the page. Really just wherever I thought it would look good.

Once I was happy with the first set of stenciling, I rummaged through my stash to pull out things I thought would look good together. I stenciled in some stars and some texture, going in with white gesso, black paint and then the glint paint. Now that I had the stenciling where I wanted it, I watered down some of those same colours and splattered them onto the page. For the white I pulled out my Sharpie paint pen.

I set that aside to dry and then hummed and hawed over what I was going to do next. Rummaging through all my stash, staring at things for a long time, flipping through the collage collective several times, even going as far as ripping something out. I really was in a bit of a funk and was not sure how I was going to complete this page at all.

I pulled out some old vellum sentiments I had from my scrapbooking days, as well as some Jane Davenport napkins and decided to collage those onto the background. From there I felt something was still missing so I stamped out some of the hearts from the Collafewd hearts stamp set from Dina Wakley Media. I stamped them onto some collage paper using Archival Black ink and collaged them onto the page as well. I realized quickly that I did not add enough of the gel medium to the back of the collage paper and because of that, you can still see some of the tissue paper. To finish it off I added some sentiment or rather phrases sticker from a Tim Holtz collection.

In the end, I did use the collage collective, I just didn’t use what I had set my sights on at first. I trimmed out this girl and added her to the bottom corner of the second page. Once more adding the same collaged hearts just to tie it in together and adding a little sentiment, which I notice is not straight at all, so yeah not happy about that. Lol

I really hope you got some inspiration and enjoyed the crazy little journey I took you on. Its been a little nutty as of late and the page perfectly expresses my state right now, ie a little all over the place.

Have a Beautiful week ahead


Soar- Art Journal

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Hello and Happy Friday,

I am on the blog today with another mixed media art journal project.

As you can see from my last few post I am pretty stuck on this process right now.

I love the freedom that it allows to just shut your mind off and create, see where the inspiration takes you.

I hope you enjoy!

I started off my journal pages really not knowing what the heck I was going to do or where it was going to go.

I applied some gesso to both pages, once that was dry, I literally just slapped on some paint and moved it around with my hands, very preschool and so much fun. Something so grounding about getting your hands right into the paint and playing.   I started with lapis and then added some of the turquois blue, both are Dina Wakley brand, heavy body paint.

Once I had the paint applied I pulled out the Flying birds mask and stencil. I placed the mask on the paint and used a baby wipe to remove the paint from around the mask.  I did eventually use that baby wipe to smooth and remove a bit more of the paint and blend it together more.

I wasn’t too happy with the way the birds came out so I went with the stencil portion and used some white gesso just to bring out the birds a little more. As I finally had the birds standing out the way I liked.  (To be honest these pages were not done in one sitting, I left and came back a few times as I was initially not happy)

Once I came back to the pages, I decided I needed to add some more colour and texture. First I applied the lime green, again going in with my fingers and adding to the sides and middle of the pages. I repeated this with a bit of the umber color as well. It gives a nice distressed look. While that was drying a tad, I rummaged through my stencils, as well as some of my quote cards from a old project life kits I never did use. Eek . Good thing I discovered art journaling, maybe now those things will get used up. Lol

I went on to stencil some music notes as well as some stars on to the pages using umber and white gesso. I wanted to keep the look very earthy and tie in the quote and birds nicely.

I decided to cut the quote apart to separate it and draw the eye across both pages,  I attached it using ultra thick collage glue, also a Dina Wakley product.

I then added some of my two way glue pen to areas around the sentiments and added some gold foiling to it. Its very fine and hard to capture will try to get close ups for Instagram, it really added that little extra something

Finally I took my black Fude ball pen and drew some sketchy lines all the way around the pages, this just brought it all together in my book.

I really love how this tuned out, it has to be one of my favorite pages I have done thus far.

I hope you found some inspiration and I do apologize that its not one of my usual post, but its been nice to switch things up once and a while.

I would love to know what some of your favorite things to do are, are you a card maker, mixed media artist, do you dabble in a little bit of everything.

Please do leave me a comment and let me know

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Have a wonderful weekend.